Michigander: Fears

Today, indie rock outfit Michigander released a brand new single, and it's just like starting over. "Fears" may sound on the surface like the very same Michigander that's been garnering a following out of thin air and selling out shows in Chicago (and they definitely haven't lessened in quality), but listen more closely and you'll hear something new and fresh. Unlike previous songs, the new single sets a focus on lyrics from the very start. Fan favorites such as "Nineties" and "Mexico" each take the time to allow introductory music to draw in their listeners before layering in any messages, but "Fears," just as the title suggests, carries a heavier meaning. It begs to be not just heard but understood. So skipping any musical giftwrap, it delivers its plea strongly from the get-go and makes certain the listener recognizes its earnest importance.

Well, it’s starting over
Yeah, it’s starting now
Why are you running
From your own crowd

It isn't long, however, before the music kicks in full force to underscore the chorus and remind everyone that they are, indeed, still listening to Jason Singer's self-proclaimed "underdog dream." The hi-hat crashes and guitar stretches gingerly like an April breeze. Then, shortly thereafter, keys show up and bleed subtly into the second verse, tying the song together into one cohesive thought—one cry of desperate emotion.

‘Cause you can go
But just don’t leave me
‘Cause I don’t know
How I’m still breathing

Oh, ‘cause you can go
But just don’t leave me
‘Cause I need to
Feel your heart beating

"Fears" is one of those songs that nearly every person alive can relate to. It's a juxtaposition of sorts, simultaneously painting a detailed picture and sketching the faintest outline of story about love, loss, and the struggle of keeping relationships. Lyrically, it's solid and relatable. Musically, it's catchy as heck. What more could you want from a single? What more could you desire from any song in general, for that matter? In the end, all we can really ask of Michigander's new release is: If you find us, don't ever leave us alone.