Often Home: My Heart

We've been receiving more emails recently from bands and solo acts around the world hoping for reviews from Gluten Free Radio, and it's pretty exciting to see a new bold line of text each time the inbox is opened. To be honest, though, few of the submissions we receive seem to line up well with our mission to curate and promote art that is both raw and vulnerable (and which, frankly, I find pleasant to the ears). The encouragement found in receiving requests for reviews from people in the U.S., U.K., and even Australia is in balance with the discouragement of not resonating with the submitted music. But sometimes that balance is thrown off, as it has been today by the joy of discovering My Heart, the brand new single from indie pop/rock outfit Often Home.

The song is an attention-grabber from the very beginning. It opens with a lively hook from the electric guitar and a bright bass line that is all too easy to groove along with. Then the lyrics come in and bring the optimistic tone to completion:

The problems I think I have
Are closer than meets the eye
So I gotta take a step back
And say thanks for all the good I've got in my life

The optimism doesn't remain at full force for long, however. As the chorus begins, the pulsating rhythm steadies, and the cheery, energetic guitars settle into a shimmering sea of harmonious ripples flowing gently outward. The lyrics follow suit tonally and reflect the melancholy mood.

My heart, it gets so low so easy
My heart, it gets so cold so quickly

This new single definitely nails one important aspect of art, and that is relatability. The struggle of perspective—of maintaining a thankful heart and remaining content amidst the countless troubles life throws our way—is a universal one. It's not anywhere near as simple to act out as it may be trite to say. In fact, it's fucking hard. And it's equally crucial. Often Home recognizes this deep truth and tacks the following onto their chorus later in the song:

My life is truly good; I know it
It's got what it needs; I'll show ya
A peace inside that doesn't come from me
And I'll never have to guess what I could be

My Heart is a solid track that can not only be jammed to but thought along with also. I'm excited to hear more from Often Home, and I hope they put out a full album sometime in the near future.